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This is completely late and I am totally embarrassed. I received the Versatile Blogger Award from design chic . . . in January. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can we agree, better late than never? If you haven't come across their blog before, they are a mom and daughter team with a beautiful collection of design posts.

The rules:
1. Worship the person who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself that only your ferret know.
3. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact your nominees and let them know you tagged them.

I kind of want to go back to school for something more creative, like graphic design. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my Econ classes but I feel like I need a career where I am using the right side of my brain more.

I still get scared that there is something under my bed - only at night though.

I have thought seriously about disabling my comments on the blog. I feel like I have become a slave to them and get really sad when a post doesn't get any comments. But then I am afraid I will miss the conversations that happen after a post. I guess there is always email, right?

I guess this is along the same lines as the first fact but . . . I have a little book where I write down greeting card and paper print ideas. A lot of them are inappropriate. Now I just have to learn how to design them on my computer, print them, and sell them.

I am extremely jealous of the bloggers who have jobs that allow them to take food photos during the day so they have beautiful, natural lighting. But then again, their job most likely is "food blogger," so I guess I am just extremely jealous of their jobs, as well.

I think being a Pilates or BodyFlow instructor would be such a cool part-time or full-time job. Too bad I have no experience, certification, or any background that qualifies me for that job. (I would teach my classes on a nearby beach.)

When it is just the pup and I home alone, I make up songs about her and sing them to her . . . as loudly and as horribly as I can. I still can't tell if that face she makes is a face of pure joy or annoyance.

Now, my turn to send out awards:

Tell us seven things that we don't know about you...

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  1. I may not always comment...but I read your blog EVERY DAY!! :o)

  2. that is so sweet of you! thank you morgan!
    p.s. i do a lot of food posts on the weekend so i have natural light! and i can't wait to see some of your cards. :)

  3. Thanks for the tap Morgan! I totally agree with the natural light pictures AND I seriously thought about becoming a greeting card designer a few years ago when my homemade cards were thrilling my friends and family. Love these little shares!

  4. Loved reading your facts! Thanks so much for the tag!

  5. lucky you to have won the award!

  6. Thank you, Morgan! You continue to be one of my fave bloggers to read. :)


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