nezia and jc's wedding

While writing yesterday's post, I realized I had never shared any pictures from my friend, Nezia's, wedding that I photographed back in August. I just recently finished editing them since I had been traveling for work for the last few months but for the most part I am happy with them considering I had never photographed a wedding before.

The wedding was at three o'clock in August so I had to battle harsh lighting while I learned how to rally people for photographs. After doing the big family and friend portraits, I couldn't see myself photographing another wedding. I was tired and hot and had been shouting for over an hour.

But then I had the little moments with just the beautiful bride and groom. They were so easy and so willing to try just one more location. And that is why I may just say yes again to a wedding. But I think for now, to get a bit more practice, I will stick with doing things like engagement sessions and family portraits.

What do you think? Any advice?

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  1. i loved all of these photographs, there were so many bold, bright colors and all the guests are having a ball!



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