2011 holiday gift guide: the anglophile

1. Nothing says "rainy spring day in the English countryside" like a Cath Kidston floral umbrella. Cath Kidston is a British designer and author whose company sells housewares, bags, and accessories in beautiful vintage inspired prints.
2. I couldn't have an anglophile gift guide without something with the British flag on it. This British flag pillow looks super comfy and would be great to cuddle up with a cup of tea.
3. These Hunter wellies are great for imagining you are in London splashing through puddles on a rainy day. And even better? Hunter supplies footwear to The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. Wonder if the Queen splashes in puddles?
4. Every anglophile lady needs a pretty headpiece like this one for a special occasion or night on the town.
5. My grandmother is the calmest person in the world. I have never heard her yell. I am pretty sure it is because she is British. I think I need to get this poster to remind myself to be more like my grandmother in times of crisis.

Anything that strikes your fancy? What would you get for an anglophile?


  1. this is great! i would add some tea, of course! and crumpets! hehe.
    marissa @ the boot

  2. i actually had tea cups on the list but i am thinking i need to do one for the tea lover so i left it off. crumpets are a must of course!

  3. i love those wellies!

    i'm headed to london in a few weeks, maybe i can snag some presents while i'm there.


  4. I'd add a teapot/kettle and some good records by great music bands, Pulp, for example :)
    Best regards from Barna,

  5. I'm saying those wellies or something plaid :)

  6. Beautiful picks, I love the pillow and the fascinator. I would probably add some nice teas and biscuits!

    Excited to find another MD based blogger! I'm going to look into the Blogger blitz DC now!

  7. I have been dying, DYING to get a pair of hunter wellies!!!!

    Belly B :)

  8. Hunter wellies are the creme de la creme. Cute!

  9. FYI: I'm probably going to buy that umbrella...So cute&a great compliment to the wellies I own!


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