whole30 postponed

{brunch with my SIL this past weekend: eggs benedict over crab cakes and asparagus, hold the muffin}

I am postponing the Whole30 I started last week. I realized that this month is full of weekends  visiting friends and friends visiting me. It just doesn't seem like the right time. And it isn't the Whole30 if you cheat.

So, I plan to just eat strict paleo during the week and not feel guilty on the weekends. Because feeling guilty about eating is never a good thing. I won't binge on the weekends but when an opportunity arises for a wonderful brunch, I won't blink and eye. (I will still be posting some yummy Whole30 meals on my instagram though.)

Besides summer is coming...

Do you have fun plans over the next month?

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  1. good for you! it sounds like a great lifestyle for you based on how you talk about Paleo, but if you feel like you're forcing it you'll end up resenting it. (p.s. we call that "eggs chesapeake" and it's my FAVE!)


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