weekend: meeting up with ashley

a cloudy view from our table . . . best crab cake ever . . . two spoons for dessert . . . with ashley . . . a pickle martini
On Friday, I got home from work and did a quick workout. Then the Hubs came home with pizza. After that, we helped the SIL drop off her car at the shop, drove her to the in-laws, and then went to Target. Exciting Friday night...

On Saturday, the Hubs got up early for work and I headed to Queenstown to meet Ashley for outlet shopping. After keeping ourselves almost within our budgets, we drove to The Narrows for lunch. If you have never been there, they have the best crab cakes. (For those of you that do a trip or two to Ocean City, it is a great place to stop on the way.) When I got back to Salisbury, I did a bit of straightening up and laundry and then headed to dinner at the Irish Penny with the Hubs and the SIL. I discovered a pickle martini which may be my new favorite drink.

Today, I did a bit of cleaning and food prep for the week. Now we are trying out a new recipe. If it is yummy, I will be sure to share. I am taking off on Friday so I am glad this week is only four days and then I have a long four day weekend!

How was your weekend?

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