weekend: catching up

my view when I opened my eyes saturday morning . . . my chocolate banana milkshake . . . with sig at the game . . . after the buzzer . . . a late lunch/early dinner at brew
On Friday, after work, the Hubs and I took it easy since I was coming off of that awful stomach bug. We ordered in subs, caught up on the latest episode of Scandal and then watched Silver Linings Playbook

On Saturday, the Hubs and I went to breakfast and then I headed to campus for a quick work event. After that, I treated myself to a mini manicure. Then I came home and took a little nap - this stomach bug still has me exhausted after a half a day. The Hubs found out a college buddy of his was in Ocean City so we decided to head out there. We went to West Ocean City to go to Carrabba's for dinner and then to Dumsers for dessert. Then we headed into Ocean City to see his friend. We hung out at his brother's house for a bit and then we went to Macky's for a drink. 

This morning, since we didn't get back until a little after midnight last night, we slept until almost 10 am. Then we got up, got dressed, and grabbed a small lunch. After that, we headed to our local university, where I work, to watch the men's lacrosse team play our alma mater, the team that the Hubs was a part of in college. It was a big game - the winner would have the conference title. Our local university has won it every year (except one year a few years ago.) Well, this year we finally beat them. It was awesome. My friend, Sig, came to Salisbury with her boyfriend who works at our alma mater to watch the game. Then we headed to Brew River for an early dinner. 

Now the Hubs and I are watching All The President's Men Revisited, a new documentary by Robert Redford. I have a feeling I am going to bed early because I am beat. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Peyton has the sweetest face! glad you're feeling better :)


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