wednesday randoms, part 6

{I successfully did my first double under on Monday during CrossFit - and did them during the WOD. It only took me nine months.}

work week

I am taking off on Friday and I am so glad I have a four-day work week (and a four day weekend.) May is the only month during the year where we have a bit of a lull in our craziness at the office. It is good to be able to catch up a bit (and clean off my desk) but I also get a little bored since I have gotten used to running around like my head is chopped off and go, go, go.

Also, this was our first summer week where we can take a half hour break for lunch instead of an hour and leave at 4:30. Having that extra half hour in the evenings is wonderful!

blog reading

I am behind on blog reading. Actually, I was super behind (like two months behind) in April and now I am only a little behind. So, if you are a blogger and I have left three comments at a time on separate posts, I am sorry.

I used to read blogs every day. I am much busier with my current job which doesn't leave as much time and, even when I do have time, I usually want to spend it doing things with the husband or pup or catching up on projects. I used to almost feel guilty about it when I was behind. (A blogger who doesn't read blogs!) Is that weird? But now I am over it. Plus, a lot of the bloggers I really like I follow on instagram or twitter so I still feel very up to date on their life. 

And really, a lot of times blogs make me feel like I am not doing enough. Like I should be further along in my education or career or life. But I won't harp on that since I already pretty much explained it here. And I don't need that shiz...


I am feeling very weird lately. Like extra emotional weird. Does that make sense? 

Lately, I have been so indecisive. Like I made a somewhat major life decision a few months ago and now I am all actually maybe not. I am such a planner that when I get something in my head I usually stick with it. I don't know...

Anything random (emotional or not) to share?

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  1. leaving half an hour early in the day makes an unbelievable difference! you end up with so much more time in the evening. make sure you take some of that extra time easy! clear your head :)


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