wednesday randoms, part 5

warby parker

I am absolutely in love with my new Warby Parker sunglasses. I got prescription glasses last year and they asked me if I needed prescription sunglasses. I said no, not really knowing why I would. I soon realized that I would have to choose between my glasses and sunglasses while I was driving. 

Well, I finally broke down and ordered some in April. Unfortunately, when they came, just in time for my trip, they were the right style but wrong color. I called and they sent me new ones - right style, wrong color again. The customer service rep was flabbergasted - she had seen this happen only twice before and never twice to the same person. They were really helpful and offered me a discount for the inconvenience. 

And my new sunnies were worth the wait. I think I am going to order another pair of regular glasses at some point to alternate with my current ones. The home try-on is just so convenient, the styles are great, and you get to help someone in need when you make a purchase. 


I have been cooking but nothing exciting enough to photograph and share with you. (Think grilled pork chops with green beans and grilled chicken with broccoli - very paleo.) I am hoping summer brings inspiration for new recipes. If you need some inspiration, you can always follow me on instagram


I have a short outlet trip with a friend this weekend but I am going to try sticking to my summer clothing budget. I will be instagramming all the pretty things, though, with the hashtag #thingsiwouldhaveboughtbutdidnt. So follow along or join in! 

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  1. They look very nice and I love the colour:) Have a great day, sweetie.

  2. I love that hashtag! we have some friends on the shore and I always build in time to stop by the outlets on the way out (and maybe even on the way back, too... haha!)


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