wednesday randoms, part 3

{I took this about a month ago after a light snow in Ocean City, Maryland.}


I finished up my sewing class before I left for the Dominican Republic and I successfully made a tank. Now that work isn't as busy and I won't be spending about four hours of my Sunday driving to Ocean City for my sewing class, I plan to do more cooking, blogging, and start some other sewing projects I have been wanting to work on. 


Have you heard of the YouTube channel, WIGS? I am really digging it. It basically hosts original, short films and documentaries all with female leads. Each series is named after its lead female character and each episode is less than twelve minutes long.

Right now, I have only watched the first two seasons of Blue which stars Julia Stiles. Blue is a single mom who moonlights as a high-end escort. I like the raw quality of the episodes - there isn't music in the background to evoke emotion or any special effects. It just is what it is. I am excited to start on the other series.


So my May Whole30 is starting out pretty rocky considering this stomach virus I have won't let me eat anything that isn't bread, rice or saltines without feeling nauseous (or worse.) Of course, none of those things are Whole30 approved. But I am hoping to get on track by the end of the week. I just feel so sad for all of those veggies that are just sitting in my fridge. I hope they are still good for next week. 

Want to share something random?

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  1. I would love to take a sewing class... I am getting ready to take a knitting class :)

    Morgan, if you ever need a OC road trip buddy let me know! I am always down for a beach trip.


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