a summer clothing budget

I have been a little spendthrift lately. I really need to reel it in. I am not in need of new clothes and that is where a lot of my spending has been. So I am putting myself on a clothing budget for the summer - May through August. Plus, it doesn't seem as scary only doing it for four months.

I am giving myself $30 to spend each month but for May I am giving myself $60 since I already have one outlet trip planned with a friend and possibly another. Whatever I don't use one month can roll over to the next month. And I am considering "clothing" anything that I can wear - clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I really think your style is an extension of who you are so I am going to be sharing clothing items on instagram I would have bought but decided against because I either ran out of money in my budget or was waiting for something better. I will post about what I bought (and didn't) after each month.

And you can join in, even if you are not necessarily putting yourself on a budget. Just use the hashtag #thingsiwouldhaveboughtbutdidnt (yea, I know it is so clever) and tag me in your instagram picture. And this totally works with online items as well.

Want to go shopping with me?


  1. Morgan I think this is a great idea. I am going to try and join in too. I have been trying not to buy new clothes, and wear ones I have in a "new" way. I may also be fun to do an accessory swap. Let me know if you would want to organize one with me.

  2. I'll do it with you! I sat down with my spreadsheet last night and cried a bit as I adjusted it for my new rent - I really do have to be careful :/


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