the whole30 may challenge

I have decided to do the Whole30 starting tomorrow like I did in January. It is in support of a coworker of mine who wants to do it. And really, since this past month has been really hectic, I have really fallen off the wagon. 

I am still trying to decide if I want to do the full thirty days or if I just want to give myself a one day break during Memorial Weekend so I can have a beer or two. I think I will wait to see what that weekend has in store for me before I make that decision. 

I not sure if I will be doing a blog post every week like I did last time but I will have an update during the middle and at the end. And you can follow me on instagram to see what meals I am cooking up. 

Anyone want to join me? Use the hashtag #whole30maychallenge (and tag me in your post) to share your meals on instagram! Even if you aren't doing the whole30 but are eating a yummy whole30 compliant meal, I would love some inspiration. 


i'm back!

So, as you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in over a month. I got really busy with work and my nights and weekends were full as well. And really, I was drained and not feeling incredibly creative. 

I am home sick from work today but I will start blogging regularly again. I plan on more recipes (now that I have time to cook again), style posts, and more bits of my life. I am excited to share some vacation pictures from last week as well. 

And remember, when I am not blogging, you can follow me on twitter and instagram

So, how have you been?