wednesday randoms, part 2


I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately, about ten a day. Despite the fact that I hate filling them out myself when commenting on other blogs, I am going to have to put up word verification for a bit. Sorry to all of those that are annoyed by this but I am sick of having to delete comments with bad English telling me that they loved my "article" and to visit their brother's poker page. Really?

shopping online at the "mints"

At breakfast on Sunday, the Hubs said, "So I guess you finally bought a bra." (He was referring to the bra he had to superglue on Christmas Eve - another story for another time.)

I had not bought a bra but he said that there was a charge from Intimint for $19.99. We did a little research on Monday and found out that they had charged me for the last four months. I was livid. But apparently once you make a purchase through any of the "mint" sites (including Shoemint and Jewelmint,) you are then charged $19.99 each month since you have "activated your membership."

When I talked to the Customer Service representative she said that my order confirmation email would have had this information. I told her I never actually received this email (my inbox has a ridiculous amount of emails since I never delete anything like that.) She said that even if I never received it, it would have been stated before I made my purchase.

Although the $19.99 is stated on their website, it almost makes it sounds like their products start at $19.99. Anyways, they refunded me this month's money but not for the other three months. I am not entirely pissed off though because the last three months are not lost money - they are "credits" to future purchases. I just need to make sure that if I do make a purchase that I deactivate my account right afterwards so I don't get charged monthly again.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this so it doesn't have happen to them. It is just so different from any of the flash sale sites I am a "member" of.

last week

. . . I totally let myself go. I only went to CrossFit once. And I ate and drank way too many things that were bad for me. And then I felt like crap. 

This week will be different. Besides, I will be in a bathing suit in the Dominican Republic in a little over a month. That is now my motivation. 


Scandal comes back in a little over a week. A LITTLE OVER A WEEK! I don't think I can wait any longer!

Want to share something random?


  1. ooo, good to know about "the mints".... people tend to rave about them, but it always seemed a bit dubious to me.

    today, i finally did not have to wear a real coat to work; definite wake up call that bathing suit season will soon be upon us! gahh!

  2. FYI: your Pinterest button takes me to Instagram instead.

  3. To cut down on the spams, you could not allow anon comments! That worked for me :)

  4. I've missed your randomness! Glad its back for a post and LOVE the new look. `

  5. I really like your new look as well. Miss you Morgan!

  6. okay, I'm super late in reading this but HEY THAT'S NOT FAIR. I hate it when companies to that! And usually they just hope they don't get caught but if they are they'll refund you... grr. but now you ARE in the DR! and having an amazing time by the look of it :)


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