weekend: harvey's here

at market after the maryland game . . . at mojo's . . . playtime . . . puppies
a little inspiration for the coming week:

i really enjoyed this documentary

drinking the crossfit kook-aid

why are we so angry?

i love goats
On Friday, I went to dinner with my mom, brother, and stepfather. Then came home and cleaned a bit. I was exhausted so I went to bed really early.

On Saturday, I was up early to go to work for an event. After that, I came home, ate a late lunch, and then Alissa and her boyfriend, Scott, got here from Arlington with their new puppy, Harvey. We watched a little bit of television and then headed to Market Street to have dinner and watch the Maryland game. Then we went to Mojo's to have a drink.

Today, we went to a local diner for breakfast. After they left, the Hubs and I took a nap and then had lunch. This afternoon, I went to my sewing class and then to yoga.

How was your weekend?

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