weekend: harlem shake

lunch at high spot in cambridge . . . one of my favorite paleo breakfast meals
Friday, after getting home from traveling, I headed to CrossFit for a WOD and then we made our own version of a harlem shake video (see below.) After that, I came home, made dinner, and then caught up on a few shows. 
{You can see me on the left hand side in sunglasses and a sparkly jacket. I jump around and then I am blocked by a few people and you can see my head every so often.}

Saturday, I got up, went to CrossFit, and then met Tanya in Cambridge. Her boyfriend was there for a few hours on business so we went to High Spot for lunch and then walked around for a bit. After that, I came back, ran some errands, and watched a little bit of TV. 

This morning, I woke up, made breakfast, and did a bit of cleaning. Then the Hubs came home after being gone for the week. After lunch, I did a bit of blog stuff and then headed to sewing class. I skipped yoga to spend some time with the Hubs since I am leaving tomorrow for work for a few days. Now we are catching up on Banshee and then we are going to watch Shameless.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm sorry. I do not understand the Harlem Shake craze. Is it something you either get or not... or can you explain it to me? I am under SUCH a rock :)


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