weekend: cooking, sewing, and yoga

having a cup of tea at enza's . . . snuggling with the pup . . . my first sewing class . . . yoga by candlelight
Friday, after work, I came home, ate dinner, did a little cleaning, and snuggled with the pup in bed. The Hubs had gone out of town for a business meeting so the pup and I watched The Bourne Identity and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, after I went to the grocery store, I came home and did a little bit of cooking. Then I headed to Enza's to get a dimineralization and a haircut. Then my friend, Ledesa, came over and started to teach me how to quilt. She is helping me make a big quilted pillow for our guest room. For dinner, I headed to Brew River with my MIL and SIL. 

Today, I got up, did a little paleo cooking, and then waited for the Hubs to get home from his trip. Mid-afternoon, I headed to Ocean City for a beginner sewing class at the Red Door Community Center. Today, we just did the basics (threading your machine, etc) but there were definitely a few things that I learned. Next week, we are making a pillow. After the sewing class, there was a free yoga class so I stayed for that. It was a great relaxing end to my weekend. Now, the Hubs and I are going to catch up on Scandal

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm envious of your time alone. That sounds so relaxing. It's nice sometimes to just an evening or two by ourselves :)

    Your pup looks so comfy in those blankets!

    I'm really looking forward to getting back to sewing... just haven't gotten around to it lately.

    This weekend was all studying. But I did take a break last night to go see a movie with hubby.



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