weekend: a birthday and some football

saturday casual . . . out to dinner for the hubs' birthday . . . a little birthday treat . . . watching the puppy bowl
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megan wrote a great open letter to rihanna

loving these gold stripes

this is silly
On Friday, I came home from traveling one night for work exhausted. There is nothing like barely getting over the flu and then having to leave home. I pretty much just got in bed. 

Saturday, I slept in, we went to the grocery store, then to lunch, and then I spent the afternoon sleeping. I am definitely not 100% yet. Then the Hubs and I headed to Ruth Chris for dinner to celebrate his birthday. After a drink at the bar, we stopped at The Globe on our way home to check it out. 

Today, I stayed in bed until 11 am. After doing the Whole30, I really should have watched the amount of wine I consumed last night (which wasn't much but my body just wasn't used to it.) Now, the pup and I are watching the Puppy Bowl. The Hubs and I are going to order some wings tonight and watch the Super Bowl. 

How was your weekend? Any Super Bowl plans?

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  1. Awe I hope you feel better! My little dog Cooper has been sick all weekend :(




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