wednesday randoms, part 1


I left for travel for work on Monday after CrossFit. The Hubs had just gotten back from a week-long business trip on Sunday. I get back on Thursday and he leaves on Friday. So I will see him two days in two weeks. But I am making the most of it...

Last night, I had an early birthday dinner with my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister. I suggested a salad place. They told me I was crazy so we drove to Columbia to go to PF Changs. I was happy with turning a year older (unlike my freak-out last year) until I opened up a fortune cookie with no fortune inside. What does that mean for twenty-six?

Tonight I am going to CrossFit with Chrissy (at her box) and then we have a dinner date at Whole Foods since she is doing the Whole30 and I love Whole Foods. Then we may do a little shopping in downtown Silver Spring. 


I am debating on whether or not to download Vine, the video-sharing app. Instagram is one of my favorite social media outlets but I am not quite sure how much I would really use video. But I did download a cool video filter app that would be fun to share. Do you have Vine? 


Maybe it is my new obsession with the show Scandal (and my withdrawal between episodes) but I can't get enough of White House based shows and movies. I think it is time for a viewing of The American President

I also want to buy the complete DVD set of the West Wing. I watched it a decent amount growing up but I never watched it with any regularity (maybe because it started when I was in middle school.) I want to go through it start to finish. 

How is your week going so far?

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  1. happy birthday! (to be honest, I had assumed you were older - you seem so grown up! hehe) and the West Wing Box set is SO worth it :)


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