paleo berry parfait

I created this one night a few months ago after two glasses of wine. I thought it was genius. I even told the Hubs that I would have to make this again, take a picture and blog about it.

And then I opened up my Well Fed cookbook a few weeks ago and realized there was pretty much the same recipe in there. And then I went online and twenty other people had posted this recipe in one way or another. Whatever, you are still seeing it here. 

The genius of this recipe is not that it is earth shattering or complex - it is the fact that it is simple, you can make it in less than five minutes and you probably have the items on hand. 

I recommend using coconut cream for this. Coconut milk will not get that great whipped texture. I love stocking up on Trader Joes coconut cream. Do not shake the can before you open it. You want just the cream and none of the liquid.

Also, after doing the Whole30, fruit it plenty sweet for me. But if you need to add a little bit of sweetness, you can always use sweetened shredded coconut. I have even seen some people add coconut sugar to the cream when they whip it but I don't need it. 

Enjoy this after dinner or for an afternoon snack or even for breakfast.

Also, before I share the recipe, I just want to note that the Hubs doesn't eat raspberries because he doesn't trust them since they are hairy. This is my husband.


1 14 oz. can coconut cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract
choice of berries
unsweetened shredded coconut

Scrape just cream out of can into a medium bowl. Discard other liquid. Add vanilla extract and whip using a hand mixer until light and fluffy. Layer berries, cream, and shredded coconut to create parfait. 



  1. i wonder if you could add some coconut butter to this.

    1. you know i haven't really worked with coconut butter so i have no idea. if you give it a try let me know!

  2. It looks very scrumptious and I am so craving berries this week. Will be making it for sure. Thank you, lovely.

  3. Ahahaahah wait I love that he doesn't like raspberries because they're hairy. That's silly.


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