weekend: with my grandfather

around my grandfather's house . . . with a life-sized replica of king tut's sarcophagus . . . both of us in a life-sized replica of king tut's chair . . . huge meatball
My weekend actually started Thursday after I worked a half day and then headed to Hanover, Pennsylvania to see my grandfather. When I got up there, we went to dinner and then came home and talked to for a few hours. 

On Friday, we got up early to get out of the cleaning lady's way and headed to breakfast. After my grandfather's doctor's appointment, we went to the retirement community's dining room and had lunch with two of his friends. (I am pretty sure I met the old version of the Hubs and me.) We were going to go to the movies but it started to snow pretty hard so we decided it was better to go home. I did a mini CrossFit WOD and then we started two movies (that we ended up turning off since we weren't enjoying them.) I cooked dinner and then we watched The Odessa File. I fell asleep on the couch watching Dateline.

On Saturday, we got up and I made breakfast. After that, I helped my grandfather with a few things (checking his email, etc) and then I got dressed and ready to go. After lunch, I headed back to Salisbury. That night, we went to dinner with the Hubs' parents and his sister to celebrate his birthday. 

This morning, I woke up feeling sick. The cough that began yesterday had gotten worse and I was feeling weird. We went to the grocery store and had lunch and then came home to spend the day in bed catching up on Scandal. Unfortunately, the electricity went out so we ended up leaving the house for a bit to go for a drive. When we came home, we finished Scandal and I watched a bit of Revenge. The Hubs helped me cook some food for the week and I realized I felt a lot worse so we decided to go to the doctor. She said I had the flu and I am not supposed to go to work for the next three days (which stinks because I was already gone the end of last week and I hate falling behind.)

How was your weekend?

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