weekend: a few visitors

friday morning snow . . . the atlantic hotel in berlin, maryland . . . carl . . . smiles . . . with his momma
I had an extended weekend because of the Martin Luther King holiday. On Friday, after work, I headed to the seafood market and then to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Then Tanya arrived and we cooked dinner. After that, we turned on Season 5 of Alias (that we have been wanting to catch up on for ages) and painted our nails.

On Saturday, we got up and Tanya went for a seven mile run while I headed to CrossFit. After that, we headed to West Ocean City to have lunch at Sunset Grill. After lunch, we went to Berlin to do a little antique shopping since Tanya is moving into a new place soon with her boyfriend and is already decorating. After that, we checked out some used furniture stores in Salisbury that I have always wanted to go in to and we went to one of the antique shops in town as well. Then, we came and ate dinner with the Hubs. He went out after that and we snuggled on the couch with the pup and watched a bit more of Alias.

On Sunday, Tanya and I went to breakfast at a local diner and then headed all over town looking for items to decorate my living room. I got a new chest which is perfect for storage and a table for drinks, a plant named Herbert, and some curtains. After we went to lunch and Tanya reorganized my two of my kitchen cabinets, she headed home. I did a little laundry and then the Hubs and I watched the Ravens game and then Shameless

Today, the Hubs headed off to work and I headed to CrossFit. Then I went to the grocery store and then lunch with the Hubs. After that, I took a quick nap because I was exhausted and did a few chores. Then Nezia, her new baby, and her husband stopped by since they were on the Eastern Shore. I had so much fun getting to know baby Carl and luckily the Hubs got home from work before they left to meet him too. After they left, the Hubs went to lacrosse and I am going to watch last night's episode of Downton Abbey

How was your weekend?

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