weekend: at the boatyard

around annapolis . . . at the boatyard . . . sig, niki, and conlon . . . with brandon and kathy . . . the group
a little inspiration for the coming week:

a beautiful, honest piece about finding love - and getting help for an eating disorder

a Q&A with Girls costume designer
Friday, after feeling sick all day at work, I headed to get my nails done. After that, the Hubs and I went to see Ganster Squad. We had been waiting for it for weeks since we love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (Crazy, Stupid, Love, anyone?) and we enjoy the whole gangster thing. I thought it was good, not great, but I also could have built it up in my head.

Saturday, I skipped CrossFit since I didn't feel that hot and stayed in bed until almost 11 (with the exception of breakfast, of course.) After that, I got up, got dressed, and then headed to Annapolis to meet with college friends to do our annual Christmas get-together. We had been planning to do dinner and then stay in Annapolis, but one friend had the flu and wasn't coming, one friend had a really bad cold, and I wasn't feeling well so we decided on an early dinner. We met at the Boatyard and exchanged gifts. I got a beautiful pair of Kate Spade earrings that I actually wanted (my friends know me so well.) Then I drove back to Salisbury. I met the Hubs at Green Hill to watch the end of the Ravens game (which was awesome) and have some hot tea (since I felt worst and worst on my drive home.) After that, I came home and went immediately to bed.

This morning, I was feeling a little better so we went to Panera for breakfast and then went grocery shopping. After that, I prepped Whole30 food for the week and did a bit of laundry. And I finally took down the Christmas tree. Now, I am catching up on the latest episode of Scandal and I plan to watch the season premieres of Shameless and House of Lies tonight.

How was your weekend?


  1. thanks for linking to the Modern Love article - I love their essays. (and I still want to see Gangster Squad!)

  2. feel better and take it easy this week! glad you were still able to meet up with the gang even though you felt under the weather.


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