the whole30 january challenge, update 2

{I will be doing the Whole30 during the month of January. You can read more about the Whole30 and my challenge here and here.}

Well, I am over a week in! Woot, woot! Here are a few links I found helpful this week:

I loved this article by model, Erin Joy Henry, on her past yo-yo dieting and how she found the Whole30.

This timeline on how you may feel during each day of the Whole30 was very helpful. 

DAY THREE - Thursday, January 3rd 
I barely slept through the night and would wake up thinking about food. But luckily, when I woke up that morning, my headache was gone. I still felt hungry in between meals but I know I was eating enough because I would feel stuffed at the end of each meal. Since I felt pretty weak, I decided to opt out of CrossFit again.

Breakfast: leftover scrambled eggs and asparagus

Lunch: leftover no-bean chili over mashed cauliflower

Dinner: almond crusted chicken with mushroom sauce (substituted extra chicken broth for the sherry to make it Whole30 compliant), creamed coconut spinach, and green beans

DAY FOUR - Friday, January 4th
I actually slept pretty well but I had a mild headache all day so I tried to drink a lot of water in case that was the problem. I forgot to bring my lunch to work and I panicked with a what am I going to doooo?! When I realized I could make Chipotle work, I calmed down. That place is awesome!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: a salad from Chipotle with peppers, onions, chicken, extra mild salsa, and guacamole

Snack: dried pineapple from a coworker

Dinner: grilled chicken over coconut creamed spinach

DAY FIVE - Saturday, January 5th
I was kind of freaking out this day. We were driving to Manassas which meant lunch and dinner not at home. Although we were planning to just do pizza and appetizers, I made sure to make some sausage and peppers the night before to put in the crockpot to bring with me to share (with some zucchini noodles which were a big hit!)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Snack: almonds, pecans, and dried cranberries

Lunch: a salad from Chopotle with peppers, onions, extra mild salsa, steak, and guacamole

Dinner: carrots, sausage and peppers, and zucchini noodles

DAY SIX - Sunday, January 6th
We slept in super late - I was exhausted for some reason and I still proceeded to take a quick nap later in the day. Luckily, I wasn't as hungry as I had been.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: sausage and peppers

Snack: almonds, pecans, and dried cranberries

Dinner: chicken wings two ways (one recipe from here and one recipe of our own), celery, and sweet potato fries

DAY SEVEN - Monday, January 7th
I still felt constantly hungry but didn't eat much when I sat down for a meal. I tried smaller meals. I also made it to CrossFit for the first time in a week. Although, I was hungry when I got there I didn't feel to weak to do the workouts. And I wasn't famished when I got home.

Breakfast: sausage and sweet potato hash (one of my faves!)

Lunch: butternut squash soup topped with roasted chicken

Snack: coconut creamed spinach

Dinner: spaghetti squash and shrimp with paleo pesto

Snack: rooibos vanilla tea

DAY EIGHT - Tuesday, January 8th
I didn't feel as hungry as I did the day before. Anytime I felt hungry I am pretty convinced I was actually thirsty (running around the office all day made it hard to drink enough water.) I also resisted the beautiful cupcakes that someone had brought into work. I did smell them, though, because smelling isn't cheating.

Breakfast: sausage and sweet potato hash

Lunch: spaghetti squash and shrimp with paleo pesto

Snack: raw almonds, raw pecans, and dried cranberries

DAY NINE - Wednesday, January 9th
I actually started to feel normal - except for my craving for pizza. I felt a little weak at CrossFit but nothing too bad.

Breakfast: sausage and sweet potato hash

Lunch: meatballs, sauteed spinach, zuchini and squash, scrambled eggs (at the Commons at the university I work at)

Dinner: chicken enchilada stew

Almost a third of the way in, how do you feel?

{If you are doing the Whole30 and wrote a blog post, feel free to link up. I will have a link up available over the next few Thursdays as well}


  1. You have some strong will-power to say no to cupcakes! And those meals look delightful; I like that you made it work even with eating out :)

  2. the enchilada stew looks so, so, so yummy!


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