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So I know the bracelet stacking trend isn't particularly new but I am loving it. My favorite "stacker" is Bee from the blog Atlantic-Pacific. Not only does this girl have serious style and piece clothing items together effortlessly, she always has beautiful arm candy that is perfectly portioned, coordinated, and aesthetically pleasing.

The problem is, though, every time I try piece some bracelets together, I feel like an idiot. It just never seems to work the way it does on the fashion bloggers. I don't know if I just don't have enough bracelets in my collection to coordinate correctly or if I am over thinking it but I just can't seem to get it right. It is so much easier to throw on a statement necklace and call it a day but sometimes that isn't what an outfit needs. And I have never really been into "sets" where a bunch of bracelets that are already coordinated are sold together.

I hate forced style but I really thing this is a trend that works with mine (which is saying a lot because I don't usually jump on trends) so I really want to master it. Any tips?

How do you feel about the stacking trend?

{all images from Atlantic-Pacific}


  1. If you don't know Blair and you read blogs, you're out of touch. I don't mean YOU, I mean in the general sense. It's super easy to stack! Let me know if you need help! xo

    1. I am going to have to do a "help me stack" blog post. I will post pics of my bracelet collection and you can give me combinations. Haha.

  2. it is super easy to stack, but it is also super easy to stack and have it not look as effortlessly chic as lady b does...
    i agree, the pre-fabricated, manufactured look is not great, and really not what this trend is about. you need to balance the colors, tone (if you are working with metal), texture, and proportions.

    for me, this lesson was first learned a number of years ago with vintage bakelite bangles. my collection is not minimal, but not excessive, but the bangles can be combined and stacked in myriad ways. yay permutations! in this case, it was an easy foray because the texture is uniform, and the variety comes in the shape of the bangle, thickness, and color.

    to achieve the quintessential atlantic-pacific look, the bracelets cannot be too matching, but also not too terribly disparate. there should be some thematic unity in your choices, one single unifying element that make them all work together.

    hope this diatribe is helpful! definitely post some pictures, i would love to see what you have and offer my verbose 2 cents.....


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