new year's resolutions for 2013

This post is probably a little late but better late than never, right? If you follow me on instagram, you may have already gotten a peek at what my resolution is for the new year.

I pinned an idea awhile ago from Apartment Therapy on how to clean your house in twenty minutes a day. I attempted this somewhat as a resolution two years ago but it was harder than it looked. With this article, however, it gives a detailed list of what you are supposed to do each day and I think I will try again this year since someone has done all the brain work for me. Plus, after too many arguments with the Hubs the past few weeks about the house being a disaster, it is time for a change.

Since I am much more productive when I have a list to cross off, I printed out a calendar with my "chores" for each day. It is sitting on my fridge and I will tackle my task after dinner each evening (unless I have twenty minutes to spare in the morning.) So far, it is working pretty well.

The Hubs is my "vacuum guy," so he knows that sometimes he will be helping out too. I guess this has kind of become a resolution for the two of us.

What resolutions have you made for this year?


  1. I wish I could stick to my schedule, I am OCD in cleaning lol,and have to clean everyday..

    Hope you are having a Blessed Week :)

  2. I tried to do this but then I never started. I think getting home at 8pm doesn't make you want to clean. At all.

  3. Boyfriend and I should really adopt this strategy. We have chore areas (I do laundry, he does trash, we collaborate on everything else) but we both have a habit of letting things get to a breaking point and then spending two days of hard work to get things back to "normal"


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