being sick on paleo

On Sunday, when I found out I had the flu, the doctor suggested the usual BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.) She also suggested some yogurt. I kind of panicked.

I only had three full days left of the Whole30, I didn't want to ruin it in my last few days. Plus, the chances of my body reacting badly to grains and dairy were pretty high since I had been without them for twenty-seven days and I didn't want to add anything bad to how I was already feeling.

So, although the want for plain toast on late Monday morning was there, I opted to keep up with the Whole30 (and maybe even kick this bug faster with nutritious food.)

Since eating strict paleo, I have found that skipping meals, eating a little later than scheduled, or eating smaller meals, no longer leaves me with low blood sugar, nausea, and incredible stomach pains. So I wasn't worried to just have tea for breakfast on Monday. The Hubs brought home a rotisserie chicken for me around lunch and helped me make a quick homemade soup since I barely had the strength to cut an onion. We saut√©ed onion, carrots, celery, garlic, and fresh ginger, added some chicken broth and shredded chicken, and then simmered for about twenty minutes. So, for the past few days, I have stuck with fruits (probably more than I would usually have on the Whole30), applesauce, and homemade soup. And when I feel a bit hungrier, I make a little meal with leftovers from the fridge. No more Saltines and Lipton Noodle soup for me!

What makes me the most upset is that I am missing the Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge I was supposed to do with my CrossFit box's team on Saturday. I was not an athlete in high school so just signing up for it was way out of my comfort zone. But the doctor said that if I push myself this week, I have a high chance of relapsing and I certainly don't want to get sick again and I can't really afford to miss more work. Besides, the cough medicine the doctor gave me makes me extremely drowsy and when I don't take it I have terrible coughing fits - not exactly conducive to exercising. So no CrossFit for me this week and no ESAC. Boo!

What do you eat when you are sick? 


  1. Lemon ginger tea with a little honey is my go to for any ailment. When I'm congested I love to eat spicy foods because I'm convinced they help clear my sinuses. Glad you're feeling a bit better!

  2. I wasn't sure if you were talking stomach-y bug flu or cold/flu, but my doc has always said that if it's a stomach bug, then chicken or chicken soup is too much fat for a messed-up tummy. When you have the stomach flu, you don't need any more fat to speed up the digestion process. :)


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