weekend: putting up the tree

trimming the tree . . . christmas puppy
Friday night, I came home, went for a run and cleaned the bathrooms. The Hubs went out with some friends so I stayed in and relaxed. 

Saturday morning, I went to CrossFit and then went to the grocery store. After lunch, the Hubs and I came home, watched some TV, and then put up our Christmas tree while we listened to Christmas music. After that, we decided to try a new Italian place in town called Aqua. The mussels and my chicken jessica were so-so but the Hubs' chicken parmigana was excellent. I would go back for that.

This morning, I got up and cooked a bunch of food for our office's holiday food week. After lunch, I worked on some stuff I had brought home from work. This evening, I caught up on Homeland.  I can't believe there are only two episodes left.

How was your weekend? 


  1. what a sweet Christmas puppy! can't imagine what Charlie would get up to if we had a tree... haha :)


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