weekend: getting ready for christmas

ready for christmas shopping . . . peyton's new christmas leash . . . chili for dinner on a cloudy day
Friday night, I came home, went for a run, and then we headed to Outback for dinner. I was reminded why I really dislike chain restaurants. My filet was very fatty and my shrimp was overcooked. At least our waiter was extremely nice and the wine was good. 

Saturday morning, I went to CrossFit. After lunch, the Hubs and I went to the grocery store. I wasn't feeling too great after that so the Hubs and I spent the afternoon snuggling with the pup and watching This Means War. After that, we headed all the way to West Ocean City so that I could go to the Calvin Klein outlet and get a dress for Christmas Eve. Come to find out, the outlet is now closed. So we headed to Carrabba's (the one chain restaurant I do enjoy) for an early dinner. After dinner, we headed to the bar at Ruth Chris for some wine and dessert. 

This morning, the Hubs left early for the Ravens game. I got up, did some laundry, and then went in search of a dress for Christmas Eve. I didn't have any luck so I will be shopping my closet. After doing a bit of cleaning, I went to Enza's to get my hair cut. The pup and I have been snuggling and catching up on Scandal.
I just wanted to take a moment to say how absolutely broken up I am about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday morning. It is heartbreaking to watch a community go through so much loss, especially the loss of children and those that protected them. My thoughts are with the families of the victims. 

Everything I did this weekend was conscious. I was grateful to wake up and make myself eggs in the morning. I was grateful to put a silly Christmas collar on Peyton. I was grateful to spend a nice evening with my husband. These are things these children will never get to do and these are things that these parents will never get to watch their children do. Let's honor them by being grateful for the little things that we get to do every day. 


  1. maybe try a basic outfit, a black or neutral dress, and a bold necklace you do not usually wear? i have a long black skirt i plan to wear to the office party this week, and embellish it a bit with a thick sequins belt.

    this whole weekend i have felt a bit melancholic, but also just so filled with love, and grace. i agree; there are many problems to address, but with hearts of love, it will be so much easier. i am eternally grateful.

  2. I really like your striped sweater and that chili looks amazing!

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