weekend: a birthday and christmas celebration

at the barking dog in bethesda . . . festive punch . . . our party hosts . . . drinks . . . with the girls . . . hugs
a little inspiration for the coming week:

get a north pole postmark

i would seriously pee my pants if this happened to me

you know you are from maryland if...

homeland is one of my fave show on tv right now
Friday, I left work a little early and headed across the bridge to my friend Kathy's house. A bunch of our friends came over and we ate pizza, did a bit of catching up, and celebrated Sig's belated birthday. After that, we headed out to downtown Bethesda for a few cocktails. 

Saturday, we got up and had breakfast. Then I went to DSW to return some shoes and then I headed to my parents to take a nap since I only had five hours of sleep the night before. After that, I made some appetizers for Devin and Chrissy's Christmas party. After getting ready, I met the Hubs at their house to help set up. It was a really fun party with great food and great company.

This morning, after sleeping in late, Devin and Chrissy made us breakfast and then we headed back to Salisbury. I headed straight to the grocery store and then came home and got into bed. After doing a bit of laundry and making breakfast for myself for the week, we ordered Chinese food. I was just too tired to make dinner. It was a super busy weekend but I was so glad I got to see so many of my friends. 

I am really excited but also sad that tonight is the season finale of Boardwalk Empire tonight. Only one more hour!

How was your weekend?


  1. looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. You look so pretty! That's so funny that you went to the Barking Dog - we have one in College Park and it's...interesting! That one looks so much nicer! :)


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