weekend: almost christmas

mistletoe . . . the in-laws' tree . . . with my SIL . . . walking the pup . . . a lasagna dinner
a little inspiration for the coming week:

hey new moms: stop being so hard on yourselves 

a few moments to restore our faith in humanity

this video is so touching

bizarre christmas cards

what six looks like
Friday night, the Hubs and I cleaned up the house and ran a few errands to prepare for Christmas. 

Saturday morning, I woke up early to make myself breakfast before CrossFit - and then fell back asleep and never made it there. When I woke up for the second time, I went for a run and then my SIL and her boyfriend got into town. After we went to lunch, I went and got a facial and then came home and did a little CrossFit WOD at home. For dinner, we went to Green Hill with my SIL, her boyfriend, and the Hubs' parents. Then we went over to their house for a drink.

Yesterday, I got up early to get a few things I had forgotten at the grocery store. The Hubs and I went to breakfast and then we came home and made a big lasagna. Afterwards, we went to lunch with my SIL and boyfriend and then we all watched football until we left for the in laws to eat the lasagna.

I am off this week from work and I am looking forward to all of the holiday festivities. How was your weekend?

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