my christmas wish list

There isn't too much I want for Christmas this year. The Hubs and I are not exchanging gifts. He  got me the wide angle lens that I wanted before we went to Napa and, since we are going to be shelling out a decent amount for CrossFit this year, we decided that was our gift to eachother. Besides asking our families for CrossFit, there were a few other smaller items I put on my wishlist.
1. I have added to my bracelet collection over the past year. Right now, they are just hanging out on my dresser but I would love a pretty tray to display them on.
2. I discovered Heath Ceramics while I was in San Francisco and fell in love. The price tag isn't cheap but the quality was wonderful and the items will last for years and years. It seemed silly to pack something so heavy in my bag to fly home when I could order online. I want everything from their shop. I have been lusting after their bud vases to put on my dresser.
3. I have been trying to add to my jewelry collection over the past few months. I really want a set of gold bangles like these from J. Crew. I also discovered the brand Fornash recently and love everything in their shop. I think it is time to add a few simple long necklaces to my collection.
4. Although there is a plethora of Paleo recipes online, there is nothing like having a cookbook to inspire. I really want a copy of Practical Paleo and  Paleo Slow Cooking.
5. The Hubs finally made me throw out my slippers a few weeks ago. They were gross and ratty - and now my feet are always cold. I really want a nice, comfy pair like these from L.L. Bean.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?


  1. Those slippers look wonderful. And I've heard so much good stuff about CrossFit...I've been tempted to check it out.

  2. Um love that you guys are giving each other CrossFit! Such a good idea. But I do love those J.Crew bangles. So cute.


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