holiday party drink tags

I wanted to take a break from the holiday gift guides to share with you a cute idea for your next holiday party. My friends, Chrissy and Devin, used did this at theirs this past weekend. Chrissy made sure to tell me that it wasn't her idea - she found it on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest!
First, set up a table near the door with the Polaroid camera, ribbon, and a hole punch. Devin put out an example with his picture and a Santa hat for a prop. 
As guests walked in, Devin snapped a photo of them in front of the Christmas tree. Then the guests let their photos dry, punched a hole in them, and then tied them around their wine glasses or beers. It is such a fun alternative from the usual wine rings.
At the end of the night, a lot of guests left their tags to decorate our hosts Christmas tree but they also made great favors as well. 

This would work great for any type of party. If you are planning to have a large group, just leave a little sign with instructions.

What fun party ideas do you have for the holidays?

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  1. this idea is beyond adorable! wish polaroid cameras were easier to find!


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