2012: a year in review

Just a look back at 2012...
In January, I attempted the vegan thing, I hosted a friends Christmas, we celebrated Tanya's birthday 80s style, and the Hubs turned twenty-seven.

In February, I celebrated turning twenty-five a few times and did a little traveling for work.

In March, I traveled a decent amount for work, we celebrated St. Patty's Day, and I luckily had a mini-spring break.

In April, we celebrated Easter, we tried a few new restaurants and I worked a lot of weekends.

In May, I did the Around the World Embassy Tour, celebrated Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, said goodbye to some of our senior student workers, and had a great Memorial weekend with friends and family.

In June, I went to Arlington to celebrate Alissa's birthday, headed back to school for Alumni weekend, hosted my grandfather and Kim for a weekend, and then Alissa came to visit and we had a food-filled time.

In July, I was sick for the Fourth but I was able to head to St. Michael's that weekend to spend time with Tanya. I also helped throw a bridal shower at work for Gracie, my cousins came to visit and the Hubs graduated from his work class.

In August, Gracie got married and I tried to get a bit of relaxing in before work got crazy in the fall. I also started CrossFit.

In September, we celebrated Kathy and Niki's birthdays, the Hubs and I celebrated our seven year dating anniversary, I traveled almost all month for work, I got to see Jenny in DC, and Ruth and Seth got married. 

In October, I traveled a bit more for work, my mom turned fifty, Nick and Sarah got married, the Hubs and I had our two-year wedding anniversary, and we went to California!

In November, we celebrated Ken and Sharon's wedding, we tried to do a little relaxing, we did Thanksgiving Italian-style, I got to see Laura and Joanna, and we went to see the boat parade.

In December, I got to see a few of my college friends, we went to Chrissy and Devin's annual Christmas party, we had a few relaxing weekends at home, I got to go to CrossFit more regularly since I wasn't traveling for work as much, and we had a wonderful family-filled Christmas. 

2012 really flew by and I can't wait to see what 2013 brings. What was your favorite part of 2012?

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  1. oh that sounds like a great year! So much traveling and so many weddings. A lot of stress and joy all packed into one year.


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