2012 holiday gift guide: the kids

1. No need to go to the bowling alley when your little one has his own set of bowling pins. I love the old school look of these wooden pins and you can personalize them which only add to their charm.
2. For the little artist, get these natural beeswax crayons. They come with twenty-four different colors and are not toxic like normal crayons.
3. Philip the cat is crocheted by hand and is so dapper in his anchor slacks. 
4. Why not make the game of memory even more memorable by creating your own? All you have to do it upload your personal photos and they are mailed to your door. I think this would be especially great for the child with long distance family - just upload pictures of grandma and grandpa. 
5. Forget your traditonal rocking horse - Mocha the Monkey is much more fun. Your child will go bananas when they figure out Mocha plays music as well.
6. Keeping your kid hydrated is much easier and way more fun with this connectable drinking straw. Plus, clean up is easy since the straw breaks apart and is dishwasher safe.

You can see last year's gift guide for the kids here.

What kid-friendly gifts have you had your eye on?


  1. that rocking monkey! so adorable! i think winona needs that one.....


  2. we don't have room for that rocker, Laura !! LOL

    cute list of gifts ! we have some natural beeswax crayons that are rectangular blocks -- they are super vivid, and the chunky shape makes them easy to hold (and hard to break).

    my gift idea for the toddler set is THIS AWESOME ROCKER BOARD. it's pretty much the coolest toy EVER.


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