2012 holiday gift guide: the baby

1. Prints with baby animals would be the perfect addition to a new nursery. Get an extra large print for a dramatic effect or buy a few smaller ones for a mini gallery.
2. You know I love stripes but little striped baby booties make my heart swell. These booties are non-toxic, made from organically grown cotton - perfect for baby's skin.
3. I remember owning a Gund bear when I was little and loved it. It was little and pink and fat - and super soft. This precious Gund bear would be the perfect gift for baby to snuggle with as he or she grows.
4. I have seen these floating ducks a few times over the past few years and I love the modern look of them. Plus, they are much easier to clean since there aren't as many nooks and crannies. 
5. For the little one who loves being read to, this wooden book will hold up from any wear and tear.
6. Keep baby warm after their bath with this adorable owl robe.

You can see last year's gift guide for the baby here.

What would you buy for baby?


  1. i got winona a fun wooden book while over in germany..... definitely a wonderful gift, when they are too small to quite know yet to not rip pages!

    in love with those ducks!


  2. Adorable picks! I would love one of each for my little guy!! ;)


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