weekend: at home

jerk chicken at market street . . . steamed shrimp from 1 fish 2 fish . . . breakfast this morning
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venice under water

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Friday night, the Hubs and I headed to Market Street for dinner. We were really excited since it was the second night that the resto was fully open. It was under three feet of water during Sandy and they had cleaned it up quickly and made a few decorative changes. 

Saturday, the Hubs came to CrossFit with me to try it out. He hurts but I think he is going to sign up for the beginner class. After lunch, I went to get a facial from my fave organic salon, Enza's. Is it weird that I like facials more than massages? After going to the grocery store, I came home and prepped veggies for dinner and the Hubs went out and got steamed shrimp from a local seafood market. We decided to stay in last night and have a movie night. We watched The Descendants which was so good. George Clooney was great in it as well as the actresses that played his two daughters. After that, we watched Safehouse, which I might say was even more exciting after four glasses of wine than in was in the theaters. 

Today, I got up early to make myself breakfast and let the Hubs sleep in. He isn't a huge breakfast fan and usually just eats it because of me. I found myself back in bed after eating and we slept until 10:15. I don't think I have done that since college. After that we got up, grabbed lunch, and then went to see Argo. I thought it was good but it isn't a super packed action movie. It basically just told the story. During the afternoon, I did some laundry and cooked a few things for the week. It feels so late right now. I hate when it gets dark this early.

I was glad to have a weekend at home since I have worked the last three weekends. It felt good to get back on track. Plus, I only have a two day work week. We get the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving. I just don't understand why Wednesday seems so far away.

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was good. Enjoyed time with my family in PA and a Stroke Gala in Philadelphia. Excited to see you back in the office this week!

  2. I'm with you on the facials/massages thing! I've had fewer facials, but they always feel more productive. Not that a spa day should be productive, but I guess I can't turn of the "AM SPENDING MONEY AND MUST GET RESULTS!" mentality... haha

  3. That sounds like a great weekend and that food makes me so hungry! Sometimes weekends at home are the best!!! Love, sweetie.

  4. ps: thanks so much for the link-love! xoxo


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