california, part three: the rest of san franciso

{tartine bakery}

On Wednesday morning, we went completely out of the way to the southern part of San Francisco so I could have breakfast at Tartine Bakery. It has been on my list of places to visit for awhile. It was a cute, little, busy place with quirky decorations. I had a slice of quiche with coffee and the Hubs had a croissant. Although I enjoyed our visit, I felt like the bakery was overrated. I would go again if I was in the neighborhood or if I had more than a day to explore the city but I passed a lot of little caf├ęs throughout the day that were probably just as good but not as famous.

{flowers; the painted ladies}

The Hubs insisted we walk all of San Francisco - as in, no public transportation. Although San Francisco is walkable, I think most tourists pretty much walk by the water. Coming from the south part was pretty far. First, we walked about an hour to the Painted Ladies. I really wanted to see the "Full House" house. The Hubs kept singing the TV show theme song and asking "do you think Michelle still lives here?"

{pretty bushes; san jose #3; chips and salsa}

After that we walked about an hour around the city. I loved seeing all the different houses and succulent bushes. For lunch, we went to a place suggested to me by a coworker, San Jose #3. He said to order a burrito and it was a great suggestion.

{sea lions; views from pier 39; fisherman's wharf}

After walking through the Ferry Building, I insisted on NOT walking to Pier 39 since we had essentially walked for hours (with steep hills) that morning. So we rode in a cart that a man was dragging with a bike. I am not sure what they are called. We walked around Pier 39 but we mainly wanted to see the sea lions. They were so much fun to watch and so loud! (And the Hubs and I tried imitating them the rest of the afternoon. Yes, we are weirdos.)

{at ghirardelli}

After that, we went to Ghirardelli for sundaes and we did not share. The Hubs got something with a brownie and I got a sundae with strawberries and fudge. It was so good but I could not finish it all. It was huge!

{my dinner; walking back to the hotel at night}

Before dinner, we went home to relax at the hotel for a bit and pack our bags since we were leaving the next morning. We decided to go to Firenze by Night for dinner since it was a short walk and was recommended by our hotel. It was definitely an old school Italian restaurant. Inside was very cute and the waiter was actually Italian with an accent (or a very good actor.) I ordered the Calamari Vinaigrette to start and then the Ravioli Della Mama (spinach ravioli with meat sauce) which was pretty good. Then we headed to Rose Pistola for a drink and dessert. That resto definitely had a more modern atmosphere and the dessert was excellent. I would recommend both places, depending on what type of atmosphere you are looking for.

{at boudin: a sourdough crab, celebrating the giants, my breakfast}

The next morning, we needed to eat some place close to our hotel before catching our airport shuttle so we went to Boudin. I had the sourdough french toast which was awesome. The shuttle picked up a few people after us so we got to see a bit more of the city which was nice.

I really loved California and I would go back in a heart beat. I wish we had had a little bit more time in San Francisco. I already have a few things on my list for when I go next time. And I would totally move to Napa if I had the chance.

Have you been to California? Where would you want to go?


  1. Those seals make me want to kill myself. But I really want to go to Boudin right now only in a cruel turn of events, I'm allergic to shellfish.

  2. if i was dying to go to san francisco, now i can't wait!
    Your shots are great!
    Thank you so much.

  3. Love the photos - so crisp! My mom was there last week - she drank her way through.

  4. I was in SF last week! It's funny, my husb and I went to Tartine too and also thought it was just okay- too much hype/overrated and the barista was SO rude. We went to Boudin as well but for lunch. We both had soup in a bread bowl was really good. I love SF, can't wait to go back!


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