a little techie blog advice?

Ok, I am kind of going off topic for today's post. This is really written to all of those readers out there who are bloggers, web designers, or just plain good with computers - I need your help. I want to redesign my blog. I don't exactly have the design skills (or the time) to do it myself. 

I guess I have two questions really:

What are the advantages of going from "blogspot" to just ".com?" Does it cost money? Do you have to manually move all your old posts over? When creating posts or messing around with the design of your blog, is it different from the normal "blogspot?"

Do you know of any designers who can help me redesign my blog? I am looking for a clean aesthetic - I hate going to blogs where the header and side bars take away from the actual content of the posts. It would be really great if they also help with shifting anything over if I chose to move to a ".com." Also, like I said, I am on a budget.

I actually thought about emailing individual bloggers with these questions but then I thought some other people may benefit from some of the responses. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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