2012 holiday gift guide: the guy

1. These whiskey stones will keep any drink cold without melting and diluting it. The cubes are made of soapstone and will not scratch the glass or change the flavor of the drink.
2. The splurge item is the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker. My parents got this for the Hubs last year for Christmas and it is awesome. It can play music from any bluetooth device. So I can play music from my computer or my iPhone without having to deal with wires. Plus, it gets really loud which is great for parties. 
3. This Kiehl's kit is great to take care of your guy's skin. It has a body scrub soap, facial moisture treatment, face wash, and facial foaming multi-gel. It is also a good starter kit to test out a few products. 
4. This 10 in 1 bartending tool has all the essential tools for mixing up a drink that all fold into a small Swiss Army knife. It has a muddler, reamer, channel knife, jigger, zester, knife, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, and bottle opener. 
5. I actually own these Sound-Isolating Earbuds from Brookstone. I got them on a whim in the airport because I hated the ones that came with my iPod and iPhone. They always hurt my ears and would never stay in while I was exercising. These are so comfortable and they have different size cushions depending on your ear size.
6. The Hubs owns three colors of socks: black, navy, and white ones (that he works out in.) I need to jazz up his sock collection. I love these argyle socks. They are classy and not too crazy while still being stylish. 

What are you planning to get the guy in your life? 


  1. Love the socks and Kiehl's kit -- totally things my guy would love!

  2. What a fanatstic guide, sweetie!!! I am totally smitten with the whiskey stones (check out my giveaway post today) and the adorable socks:) Kisses.

  3. i love those whiskey stones, great idea!


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