2012 holiday gift guide: the crossfit beginner

1. Although CrossFit gyms have jump ropes, it is nice to have your own that you are comfortable with and it is great to have one at home (or while traveling) to get a quick cardio warm-up in. I plan to get this jump rope, which is one of the ropes a coach at my gym recommended. Hopefully, I can improve my double unders (which are nonexistent right now.)
2. During the on-ramp (beginner) class, I was told to get a notebook to keep track of my exercises. Since you really only repeat the same exact workout every three months, it is helpful to see improvements. I only got a notebook recently since I am a slacker. Mine is just blank but you can find books that are specifically for CrossFit. My next one will be this one.
3. I have already talked about Life AsRx on the blog before and I am still obsessed with this shirt. I really just need to buy it (unless, of course, it finds its way into my stocking.)
4. Ah, foam rollers. Oh how I hate/love you! Rolling this on your back or legs helps to break up tissue and helps you perform better. With my back issues, it is great. It can really hurt while I am using it but it feels so good afterwards. And I know my back has improved because it doesn't hurt as much as it used to. I just wish I had one at home.
5. High socks are great for climbing ropes or just from preventing general CrossFit bruises. There are a lot of socks that are made specifically for CrossFit but honestly I think they are overpriced. You can get any knee high socks. I love these cute striped ones.
6. My hands have become man hands. My palms have callouses and broken blood vessels. It isn't attractive. I really need to get a pair of gloves. I bought a pair but hated them so I am going to return them. However, a lot of women at our gym have these gloves and I tried them and love them. It will prevent icky hands as well as prevented some of that pain from pull ups. 

What workout gear would you want to be gifted?


  1. i need to START crossfit on the asap!

  2. I am not a CrossFitt-er (though I REALLY really want to be!) but I get the gloves. There are so many things in my life (theatre life) that make me look like a man, hands wise.I would LOVE to have those gloves - hopefully the hubs will get the hint ;)


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