2012 holiday gift guide: the cook

1. I love a cute dish towel. It feels so much better to hang them in my kitchen when they are pretty. But not only is this dish towel made of beautiful rustic linen, it also is helpful when trying to figure out measurements. No more need to do the math yourself!
2. This food prep set would be perfect for someone just starting to stock their kitchen. In this set, you will find a few mixing bowls, a colander, a strainer, and a few measuring cups. Plus, the items will add a pop of color to any kitchen.
3. This set of six tasting spoons is absolutely beautiful. They are all made of different types of wood and I would love to show them off in my kitchen. 
4. I wish I had this lasagna pan. First off, you can make multiple different types of lasagna at once so if you are making for a group, you can appease all palates. But more importantly, you can always have an edge piece. And those really are the best parts of the lasagna, right?
5. I actually do not own a mandoline nor do I have an attachment on my food processor. Lately though, I have had a desire to slice veggies really thin for different things and I wish that I had one. It seems a lot safer than trying to slice super thin with a knife. I highly recommend getting a good quality one which is why this is a splurge item.
6. A cutting board does not have to be super expensive but I cheated here and added another splurge item. This teak carving board was listed as one of the best cutting boards by Cooks Illustrated. They described it as "roomy, knife-friendly, and exceptionally durable." Plus, it hardly showed signs of the usual wear and tear. 

And if you want more gift ideas for the cook, take a look at last year's guide.

What would you get the cook in your life?


  1. i have seen those food prep bowls and measuring cups at a small kitchen boutique up in providence.... they are so darling! also great for someone, like me, with very limited space.


  2. Love this! I'm not a huge cook but my mom would love just about everything on this list!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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