weekend: nick and sarah's wedding

trying out my new wide angle lens at green hill . . . down the aisle . . . first kiss . . . on to the ceremony . . . with the hubs . . . cake . . . the sun setting . . . first dance . . . by the bonfire
Friday, after work, the Hubs surprised me with a new wide angle lens. I am so excited to use it in Napa! We went out to Green Hill for dinner so that I could try it out. 

Saturday, I got up early to go for a run and then went to Enza's to get a haircut and a dimineralization. That afternoon, the Hubs and I headed to Nick and Sarah's wedding. They had it in their backyard and all the details were perfect. 

Today, I cleaned the house and did about three weeks worth of laundry. (Thank you, travel season.) And then I spent the afternoon catching up on Homeland and Revenge and packing for California since we leave on Friday morning and I am gone two nights this week for work.

How was your weekend?

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