dress code dilemma: backyard wedding

Since you were so helpful with another dress code dilemma this time last year, I thought I would ask for your help again. 

I have a wedding to go to in two weekends. The bride and groom are having the ceremony and reception in their backyard. I have been to a few backyard weddings and haven't really strayed from what I wear to any other wedding - a dress and heels. However, this time the second page of the (really cute) invitation through me for a loop.

Please keep in mind this is an outdoor wedding so formal wear and high heels are not recommended.

Hmm. So I am asking your opinion - what would you wear?

I thought about a nice dress with tights and short heeled boots but I am not sure what the weather will be like in a week and a half and, regardless of the weather, it may get hot while dancing. (The invitation mentioned awkward but enthusiastic dancing - my specialty.)  And, I don't want to wear flats. My husband is over a foot taller than me. 

I am attempting to look for some nice wedges that I can wear again. And I decided I need a new LBD that I can have for whatever. I got a black dress at Marshall's that would work with boots and, although it is flattering, I am not in love with it so I doubt I would wear it much. It also needs to be hemmed and I am barely home between now and the wedding. I am hoping I can find something else so I can return that.

What do you think? Any inspiration you could give me would be great!

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  1. oh man - you came to the right place for answers. (actually, this is your blog, I guess I came to the right place for questions.)

    DEFINITELY wedges. even short heels might be dangerous if they're not putting any kind of flooring on the lawn. Wedges are pretty and safe! And then maybe - if the invitation specifically says "not formal" - you could go for a slightly more casual dress (even jersey, maybe?) but then glam it up with accessories for the occasion - a metallic belt or glittery jewelry.

    that is what I suggest! and if your husband can't go with you, let me know. I'm down for awkward but enthusiastic dancing.

  2. I'm with Betsy. I think a casual dress and wedges or wedge booties would be best. There's nothing worse than having your heels sink in soft ground all night. Maybe keep the dress simple and casual but wear patterned tights, and a sparkly blazer or cardigan?

  3. hmmm, this is a tough one.... outdoor weddings for summer and spring are pretty easy, as fun and flirtatious sun dresses always abound and usually have silhouettes that are easy to dress up without looking formal.

    i would do a nice but simple wrap dress, either in black or navy or burgundy, which is all the rage; all very autumnal, maybe choose whatever you think you would actually wear regularly if you are aiming for versatility. wedges are a safe bet, though wedge or chunky heeled boots could be fun as well (depending on the material of the dress). either bold earrings or a necklace could give you a bit of sparkle, since, you are celebrating! i would look to the couple for a guide as well.... think a bit about their personalities. it sounds like they want people to have fun and to be care-free, not worrying about appearances, so keep that in mind.



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