a cozy halloween

Since I had been traveling for work and we were gone for California, I pretty much forgot about Halloween. I had to work on Saturday and was tired from traveling anyway so I didn't join in on any of the weekend festivities.

I was actually supposed to work tonight but my event got canceled due to the hurricane. (Who schedules an event for high school students on Halloween, anyway?) So, I will be home tonight. I wish we were in a neighborhood where kids trick-or-treated - I would use this night to dress up to give out candy. I have a small bag just in case a kid or two stops by but I have a feeling tonight will end up with me on the couch having a cozy Halloween.

What about you? Did you go to any Halloween events this past weekend? Do you have any plans for tonight?


  1. the cream on that soup is TOO COOL. but I'd probably mess it up and think "f this" and then just pour all the cream in. haha!


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