a bit about you, part 2

I promised to answer some of your questions that you asked in this post so here goes:
A picture I took while living in Bordeaux. This is a metro stop I used to use a lot.
Can we hear more about your experiences in France?
Um, of course! I seriously could talk about it for hours, days really. I know I have been slacking on the francophile friday posts lately but I hope to get back on track once travel season for work is over. For now, check out my France email posts here and let me know if you have any specific questions.

The very first picture of the Hubs and me, my freshman year of college, taken a week or two after we met.
How did you and your husband meet?
We actually met my first week in college. He was a junior and I was a freshman. The first thing he ever said to me was a lie.

I went to a party at his house on a Wednesday night with my friend, Alissa. I was getting introduced to a few people and he was the first person to say hello. He introduced himself as "Josh" (not his name) and told me he was the captain of the water polo team (he played lacrosse in college.) Finally, after we learned a bunch of fake names and sports, one of his roommates messed up and I caught on.

We decided to play Ruit and we were partners. And we were awesome! We won game after game. After a bunch of chatting, laughing, and, ahem, drinking, I finally turned to him and told him I couldn't drink anymore so we decided to throw the next game. He left to go the bathroom or grab a beer or something and my friend and I decided to go home since we had class in the morning. (We were such good college students!) In my buzzed state, I didn't even think to wait for him to say goodbye.

The next afternoon, his friend IMed me and asked if he could give the Hubs my screen name. Apparently, the Hubs was a little broken up that I hadn't said goodbye. (He claims he wasn't but I know otherwise.) I said yes and he invited me over to a pre-Friday night get together.

That night, my friend and I went over there to hang out and then we roamed around campus and went to a few parties. It was a lot of fun and, later that night, we had our first kiss.

And, like my husband likes to say, I never left...

My birthday, after I graduated and started my first big girl job. All of my friends came down to celebrate.
How did you end up in Salisbury?
Actually, my husband is from Salisbury. His family owns a business here so he moved back here after he graduated from college. I actually stayed with him the summer in between junior and senior year hoping an internship would turn into a job after I graduated. (It didn't.) I graduated a semester early to save on student loans and I graduated in the worst economy ever. I searched for jobs back home and in Salisbury and I was going to move wherever I could find something. Luckily, considering a lot of my stuff was there from the summer before, I found something in Salisbury.
And now a little more about me and a few for you:

Describe your clothing style in three words: classic, neutral, simple
Where is the furthest place you have traveled from home: Italy
Where is the furthest place you have lived from home: Bordeaux, France
Favorite vegetable: asparagus
Favorite fruit: Oh gosh, it depends. I love strawberries and bananas and nectarines.

YOUR TURN (copy and paste into the comments section and answer)
Describe your style in three words:
Where is the furthest place you have traveled from home:
Where is the furthest place you have lived from home:
Favorite vegetable:
Favorite fruit:
A question for me:

Thanks for reading!


  1. style: faceted, classic, bold
    furthest traveled: cape town, south africa
    furthest lived: ithaca, new york (sad)
    favorite vegetables: asparagus, spinach, brussel sprouts
    favorite fruits: peaches, blackberries, mango, strawberries

    b) duh. of course he played lacrosse. look at him. haha :)
    c) yay, a whole trove of France posts! thank you.

    style: classic, polished, comfortable (YES ALL AT THE SAME TIME. DON'T JUDGE ME.)
    furthest traveled: London-Thailand is 8k miles, and DC-Sydney is 16k miles. so that's that then. my geography is horrible that I even had to look that up.
    furthest lived: Paris!
    favorite vegetable: BROCCOLI. nom. but it does change often
    favorite fruit: perfectly ripe peaches.


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