weekend: birthdays and seven years

seven years . . . lap dog . . . rainy day . . . tea time
a little inspiration for the coming week:

french inspired

i want one

parisian street style

i made these last week and, they were so yummy, i can't stop thinking about them (so i may make them again tonight)
Friday, the Hubs worked late for the fourth night in a row so, after I brought him dinner, I cleaned up the house a bit and tried to keep myself busy. 

Saturday morning, I went to my first CrossFit class after taking the beginners class. It was a great workout but, man, was it tough. After that, I brought lunch to the Hubs who had to work on Saturday and then left for Niki's house in College Park. We celebrated Niki and Kathy's birthday by ordering in pizza and then going to Local 16 for dancing. I was having so much fun, I never really got any pictures!

Sunday, I had a quick breakfast with Kathy, Katie S, and Katie's sister and then headed back to Salisbury. The Hubs and I went to Wendy's for lunch. The first time the Hubs and I ever went to go have food together was lunch at Wendy's (gotta love college.) He never used to get up that early so he was sleepy and barely coherent so I paid. He claims this never happened but I swear it did. So, every year, on our dating anniversary, we go to Wendy's for lunch and (until we got married) we switched who paid each year. It is kind of funny since the Hubs and I barely eat fast food unless it is for breakfast. Wendy's has really fancied it up since the last time I was there. Sunday night, we headed to the Hubs' parents to have a little cookout and then we came back and I immediately went to bed since I was exhausted from the night before. 

Today, it pretty much rained all day but the Hubs and I got the house in order for both of us to start traveling for work. I think we may take a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and then stay in for the rest of the evening.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I LOVE Local16! also Bed, Bath, and Beyond - sounds like a great weekend :) happy anniversary!


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