rain, rain

I don't mind the rain during the weekend when I have nowhere to go. I just snuggle up with a cup of tea, the pup, and sometimes my husband and have a grand old time.

But this weather - well, I am over it. Unless this rain gets rid of the humidity and brings cooler fall temperatures, I would prefer that it allow the sun to come out. No seriously, summer, I am ready for fall.

Maybe if I looked as stylish as these ladies above while it was raining, I would reconsider this weather. (I usually look like this.) But when I saw it was raining today I just put up my hair and didn't care. I mean, I am going to look like a drowned cat regardless. The only thing saving my look are my cute Hunter wellies.  

Do you like the rain?

{images via my pinterest}


  1. I look like a HOT MESS in the rain. I never look as adorable as those photos.

    I hate the rain most, when I have to walk my pups first thing in the morning, in the rain.

  2. seriously. every time it rains, I think - GREAT, NO MORE HUMIDITY! and then it gets more humid. my hair is about to revolt.

  3. SO OVER IT. September is supposed to be perfect.


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