francophile friday: le rèpere des belettes

I am loving the new-to-me shop, Le Rèpere des Belettes. The items have a rustic, farmhouse feel but with a modern twist. It carries textiles, wall art, lighting, kitchenware, and decorative home accents. These items would fit perfectly in my home - I just wish they shipped to the US!

What is your decorating style?


  1. Ha, my decorating style, according to a quiz I took online the other day, is Farmhouse Glam! These would look great in my house too.

  2. ha i like that - farmhouse glam. that is probably how mine can be described as well.

  3. ooo, these would look fabulous in a very crisp white atmosphere!

  4. gorgeous items - i love this look too! My style is definetely classic with a twist. I love traditional but cosy looking rooms mixed with a little quirkiness…fun!


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