advice on staying healthy while traveling

Before I get to the actual reason for this post, I want you to note the first two someecards. A small part of the reason I work out is because I have this weird fear that one day I will have to fight or run to avoid death. I am pretty sure that is a very ridiculous paranoia to have. 

I actually would like to ask you, lovely readers, for your advice. Yesterday was the start of travel season for me. I am an Admissions Counselor and that means there are basically two and a half months ahead where I am traveling to high schools and college fairs to meet with prospective students. Last year (my first year) it meant gaining about seven pounds. And getting sick. And constantly being tired. 

I would like to think that I am wiser this year. I really want to stay on track. I am lucky that a lot of my travel territory involves me staying at my parents (with a fridge and a kitchen). And some of my other territory involves me just being gone for the day and being able to stay in my own bed at night.

But it involves long days in and out of my car visiting high schools, sometimes with little time to grab quality food. It  is also involves very early mornings that make me less than motivated to come back to wherever I am staying and exercise. I also am subjected to college fair dinners - most of the time delicious but unhealthy (with unlimited mini desserts in which I want to try each one.) And, since I am close to a lot of friends and family while traveling, there are a lot of meals out.

Now, I have tried to prepare a bit this time around. I have been pinning CrossFit travel workouts on my pinterest page and motivational quotes. I also made myself little breakfast egg muffins on Sunday before I left to grab for breakfasts in the mornings instead of going through the drive through. And I went to the grocery store to buy some nuts and fruit to keep in the car. 

I am also being realistic. When I leave the house at 6:30 am to get to my first high school and then I have a college fair until 9:30 at night, I am not going to want to exercise. And sleep is important. But I  want to try and do the best that I can.

Do you have any advice for staying healthy while traveling? Any tips you have on exercising, eating healthy, and not getting sick (which makes travel so much worse) would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I put my workouts on my google calendar. Because I'm a neurotic crazy, I feel really guilty when I see the appointment on my calendar and don't follow through.

    P.S. I'm excited for travel season because that means there's more Kathy/Morgan time!!

  2. I think the biggest mistake I make when traveling is forgetting to drink water. I just grab a coffee or a soda or tea at job fairs and then it's the end of the day and I haven't had any water! (I work as a recruiter for a nonprofit)

    When I don't have time for a work out I make it a point to walk as much as possible. Park a little further away from your destination, maybe walk a few blocks around the neighborhood when you get home for the evening, or before you get in your car in the morning. It's not much, but it helps you get a little extra activity in and will also help you sleep a little better.

  3. i travel a lot for work and, over the past 9 months, have definitely gained tons of weight....

    so, i am battling the same demons and have a bit of advice that i am also trying to follow.

    1) get enough sleep.... at least 7 hours if you can.
    2) drink lots and lots of water.... lots of it.
    3) do not skip meals, try to get some protein in each meal.
    4) try to say no to desserts.
    5) try to say no to alcohol... (this one can be tough when you are entertaining clients, probably not so much for you with high school students...)
    6) i do stretches in the morning before my shower.... it is not working out, but, gives my muscles a bit of vigor. also try to take stairs and walk a bit when i can.

    good luck!



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