weekend: a stay cation

a morning manicure . . . camerones con arroz . . . saturday morning, pre-workout . . . tea and magazines while it poured outside . . . sewing some stuff for my office
a little inspiration for the week:

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have you ever been to alaska?

a guide to writing better than you do
Well, this weekend was a long one. I took off Friday, Monday, and I have this morning off as well so my weekend started on Thursday night. Since the Hubs had to work late Thursday, I ordered sushi and watched The Hunger Games. I am still not sure how I feel about the movie.

Friday, I had a manicure and pedicure, found a birthday gift for a friend, and went to lunch with the Hubs. After that, I came home and napped for a bit since I wasn't feeling well and then went to a chiropractor appointment. That night, the Hubs and I went to get Mexican and then I fell asleep early. 

Saturday, I started the morning off with a workout. Then I went to the grocery store and grabbed lunch with the Hubs. After that, I came home, cleaned up the house a bit, and spent the rest of the afternoon out of the rain snuggling with Peyton. That night, my friend, Ledesa, came over. We had Indian food, watched Drive (awesome!), and then we did a bit of sewing. 

Sunday, the Hubs and I slept in and I tried to spend a bit of time outside when it wasn't raining. After a late lunch, we decided to go see The Bourne Legacy. It was ok - a little slow starting. After the movie, I went for a run and then tried to stay awake for the finale of The Newsroom but failed. 

Yesterday, I spent some time outside, did a bit of laundry and a little bit of cooking. I went to my CrossFit beginners class and then, after dinner, the Hubs and I watched The Newsroom

This morning, I plan to go to Pilates and spend a bit more time with the pup. Then off to lunch and then work. 

How was your weekend?

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