weekend: one of the last of summer

crab feast on friday . . . dolla dolla bills, y'all . . . definitely not paleo
Friday, the Hubs and I went to Green Hill for an end of summer crab feast. I was exhausted from getting up early for an event for work that morning and, apparently, I fell asleep in my dress when we got home. 

Saturday, I headed to Ocean City to meet my mom for lunch and some beach time. It was a little chilly and with the wind, we decided on the pool. We didn't stay long, though, since it was chilly there too. When I got back, I attempted some CrossFit WOD at home and then the Hubs and I cooked dinner. After that, we went to see The Campaign. 

Today, I did a little bit of laundry and then we went to lunch with the SIL who was passing through town from OC. After that, I relaxed and tried to get ahead on some blog stuff since I will be starting travel season soon for work. The Hubs and I were going to have a healthy dinner but we abandoned it for pizza. Sunday nights were usually pizza but since we have been trying to eat well lately, we hadn't done it in awhile. 

How was your weekend?


  1. my friend from London came to visit last weekend and one of the first thing we did was go out for crabs! he LOVED Old Bay - that's what Maryland does :)

  2. Mmmm crabs, we haven't had any yet this year! Aah maybe next weekend we'll squeeze some in. Sounds like a much more delicious and exciting weekend than mine! :)


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